Welcome to Active 8 Images - My name is Junior; I'm a fun, passionate, illustrious, creative and professional Photographer. I have been involved in social enterprise for many years and the idea behind founding this is the aspiration of creating a Photography and Art Service which is proficient yet affordable to be within reach of those who are less well off financially or those with charitable aims.

For me Photography was a hobby that quickly became a passion. Uniquely my journey started years ago with Photoshop before I made the transition to the other side of the lens. I personally believe that Photography grabs a brief moment in time and freezes it forever. I have heard others describe my style of Photography as being fluid, unobtrusive, fun and candid.

I carry the conviction that every type of image conveys an emotion and a message. I enjoy my craft and am not afraid to experiment with images or different ways of doing things, especially for a subject matter that is of interest to me.

I am fully proficient in studio, model, social and family Photography I love doing shoots on location. I have covered fashion, beauty, products and models for portfolio building as well as running tutorials for people who want to improve their skills.

People say that they love working with me and that's because whilst I work exceptionally hard, I love to have a giggle and and I take personal pride in delivering images that please the customer; both young and the not so young and having a quick turnaround of images for all concerned.

To me customer satisfaction is everything and it is those 'after effect' moments that I live for. I always endeavour to challenge myself from project to project and in my craft as in my life I view it without limits.

Head over to 'What to Expect' to see what makes me so different to anyone else you have considered.

I hope you enjoy the images here and don't forget to leave me feedback - it makes what I do even more worthwhile.