Welcome to the Active 8 Images Resource Centre - this is where I will be sharing all the skills that I (and my students) learn as  photographers on the path to achieving mastery of the craft.

What makes the Resource Centre so important?

Well for starters like so many others my skills in photography began as largely a hobby and to start with were self taught and as a result I am not afraid to admit I have made tons of mistakes and learned from them, which you can too.

Secondly, here I will concentrate on removing the jargon and make it as easy as possible to understand - even for a beginner.

Thirdly, I don't intend (nor have the time) to plagiarise anyone else's work; where good examples exist I will post the links to the articles so you can read them for yourself.

Finally and perhaps most importantly. These pages are owned by the visitors - you tell me what you would like to cover and if I don't know the answer I will endeavour to find out for you - although it might take time. I am hoping we can also learn from each other I don't for a second think I have all the answers. But I wish when I was learning that there was someone learning alongside me - telling me "Damn, that is just a bad idea" or "Good, but have you tried this?"

So these are my resources - Enjoy!