What to Expect When You Book Me For A Shoot

Booking a photographer can be daunting, especially when you are either planning for a big day or are trying to compare services and costs between photographers. Below is a list of questions I am commonly asked and my answers which should hopefully make it easier for you when you are at the planning or choosing stage of either planning that special day or deciding on the next steps of building your portfolio.

What makes you a good photographer?

I am passionate about taking shots that capture the spirit of the moment, whether that is weddings, birthdays, events, performances, people, children, or the newborn. I am good at what I do because the entire experience is about you, not me, it’s your moment and that’s how I like to work. Everything is arranged around you so your day is captured how you like it, not how your photographer would like it.

We’re not sure what we want/need...

That is absolutely fine. I work with real people, in real situations enough to know that things often change which is why I build real relationships. Between booking and the day itself we will meet several times to make sure that I learn about what you like, what you don’t like and to design your coverage around you and your special day. I go through the options and help you to make the decisions to suit you. I won’t get you to make any decisions before you need to, for example I won’t ask you to decide the number of images in your album will be until you've seen them. 

What’s your style?

For me, photography is about capturing the moment. With weddings it's important to tell the story of your day and to do that I need to be there, be present, soaking up the atmosphere and recording it for all time. Not just turning up with my camera gear and taking photos…anyone can do that. My style is very relaxed. I like to have a bit of a giggle and there is no such thing as a disaster. I have been at weddings where people haven't turned up, where there has been power-cuts, even one where the boiler exploded. My favourite type of shots are the candid ones. I take great pride in being professional in every sense and in giving fantastic advice. We will communicate many times before the shoot, clarifying what you want and creating a shopping list of 'must have' shots and we will work towards them together. 

How many shots do you take?

I work quite quickly, typically when I do weddings I have walked away with about 300 to 500 quality shots. How many you get retouched to keep is down to you and the price plan you choose. I have to limit the number of shots retouched per hour in order to keep costs low. Some customers enjoy the experience so much that they want all the shots done and in those occasions the shots can be downloaded from this site once complete.


How long until we see the images/get the album?

Your photographs will be ready a couple of weeks after the shoot, usually a welcome gift after you get back from your honeymoon. At that meeting if you have chosen to have an album, I will help you select the images, cover materials, page style etc., then about 2 weeks later I share the album design with you. If you have chosen to have a DVD as part of your package then this will be shared with you first and then once you are happy with it the copies will be sent to you with another disc with all the photos on it for you to enjoy.

Why are so few of your wedding photos online?

I thrive on building real relationships with people I work with and I deliver a very personal service, hence you won't see your photos on any online forum or social media unless you put it there. Occasionally I ask couples if I may use exceptional shots or if I can share their shoot with a potential client but again, none of this is shared publicly. 


Why should we have an album and does it matter which one?

Unlike a disc or a CD, a wedding album will never become incompatible and it’s difficult to lose or throw out accidentally. A wedding album will be the first family heirloom of your new family and hopefully will be treasured by generations to come. Discs though are more easily transferable and the DVD's I create are of exceptional high quality and are very likely to leave tears and more than a lasting impression. The choice is yours dependent on your budget.

How much does wedding photography cost? Are there any other costs we need to budget for?

Weddings are completely different to any other form of photography. When I cover weddings I work on the basis that most of my clients want me to be there for the whole day, from getting ready to just after first dance, so there are no charges for extra time. I’m yours for the day. There are a range of different packages you can choose, all competitively priced. For just £800 you can have a pre-wedding photography session, pre-wedding meeting, all day coverage on the day (video and snaps) and high resolution edited images on a disc. Of course, many couples struggle with the overall cost of the wedding so for just £450 you can have the complete day covered from start to finish (photography only).  All extras are transparently priced before you decide to book. If you don’t need ‘all day coverage’ for your big day, please get in touch and let me know what you would like and I will try to put something together that fits your needs better.

What's next?

If you like what you see please get in touch and let’s talk about your plans for the big day. I promise not to be salesy or try to book you before you have all the facts…that’s why most of my clients book me.

If you still have questions please call for a chat, I’m here to help.

You can call on 07576377037 or if you’d prefer, leave your details in the contact form and I’ll get in touch.