I'm excited to share my new series reimagining classic superheroes with a fresh, inclusive twist. As a comic and computer game fan, I've always loved the epic stories, bold visuals, and themes of justice we see in superhero tales. However, as our society continues to evolve, the figures we see in the pages of comics and ultimately in movies and games haven't always kept up.
The majority of iconic, mainstream superheroes were created decades ago and historically have been predominantly white characters. As these characters are modern myths that inspire and empower readers, there is a real need for diversity and representation in the kinds of heroes we put on a pedestal. All readers should be able to envision themselves as the strong, principled protagonists at the heart of epic battles of good versus evil.
My series aims to reimagine instantly recognisable heroes with models of different ethnic backgrounds. My goal is to trigger that same sense of wonder and possibility from my childhood, when I could see my own face reflected back in the mask of the hero.
I also wanted to provide an imaginative counterpoint to the all-too-common practice in Hollywood of whitewashing characters. Instead, I'm intentionally bringing diverse representation into iconic roles typically filled by white actors. Just as society continues to make strides around inclusion, so too should our modern myths evolve.
Behind the visuals, I explore themes of identity, challenges around discrimination or stereotyping that impacted the heroes' origin stories, and universal questions around power and responsibility. How do your abilities empower you to enact change? What struggles or societal barriers limit you, and how do you overcome them?
I hope through photographing an array of diverse models as these instantly recognizable characters, viewers gain a renewed sense that anyone can be strong, moral, exceptional - a hero. Please check out the photos and let me know your thoughts in the comments! What characters would you like to see spotlighted in this series next? Which portrayal resonated with you and why? Let's continue this dialogue around representation in popular culture.

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